…I Still Chip Away

A novel fragment. Remember the family is Southern. Imagine that sis talks like Ms. Munson. Opinion: Aside from TBL and Fargo, The Ladykillers is the Cohen Brother’s masterpiece. The song referenced is a pretty sweet tune, too.

Other family tidbit: I called my sister “Smelly Michelle-y”

(and, yeah, I did yell “Ce Cosa Fa!” Per che Veloce!?!?” as this place’s owner, my neighbor five houses away, nearly hit me on his Vespa)

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…I Gave Away My Chess Books

The following story is both truth and fiction.

It’s truth in that the chess game annotated beyond the cut represents a huge, heartbreaking moment in my life, the point when I stopped loving something I loved. A thing that I would now like back.

It’s fiction in that… it’s going to be, like more and more of these posts, a novel chapter. In the story, J’s little brother Todd, with the frosty hair and a cooking show called “Foods for Dudes,” actually finds Nd5. I have this pegged as about the fifth of fifty-ish “epistles.”

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