… I have Imaginary Friends

This was never meant to be a space about grief. It was meant to serve as a haven, a skunkworks, an indoor track to put me through my paces and learn to actually do the thing I now essentially do for a living.

But along the way, life brought me out west. And slowly, but surely, a section of this city became my therapy couch, my haven, and my entire world.

The Lease Signing Trip to Portland became the Road Trip across the west became the Pack My Belongings and Drive across the Country Trip all collectively morphed into late summer in Portland followed by Winter in Portland and now on the Cusp of Summertime in Portland, I managed to turn this city into my home, and this neighborhood, once again, became my comforting little bubble.

And I had help.

Along the way, this past year, I adopted a phrase, “Imaginary Friends,” and what follows is the the story of how several people turned my tourist city into a place..

More later… (5/16/18)


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